Meet Our Venture Studio Participants

Astound Project

Challenging the capability of machines

A research project enabling machines to be more humanistic, providing better understanding and deeper connections between people and technology through research and development on consciousness and awareness in technology.

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A smart editing SaaS platform helping companies from all over the world produce stellar documents

This collaborative document editor uses proprietary NLP algorithms to create compelling public grant proposals, business plans, financial plans, pitch decks, agreements, contracts and many other business documents.

SANDY (Smart Archival DNA Database SYstem)

Solving the global data storage problem with the use of DNA

Mainstream digital data storage technologies are approaching their density limits. SANDY is a project aimed at enabling the use of synthetic DNA as a digital data storage medium. In collaboration with an international team of experts in bioinformatics and synthetic biology, we will create a smart archival database system which will map information into synthetic DNA using new encoding and decoding techniques to improve the scalability, cost efficiency, and spectrum of use for this new methodology.


An attentive observer and a gentle companion taking care of you and of your health

TOMandLISA (Trustworthy continuous monitoring of health conditions and verbal gathering of symptoms via an artificial agent) is a VS project promoting the transformation of the healthcare system from its current episodic, symptom-triggered status to one where individuals are continuously accompanied by non-obtrusive technologies to aid in their diagnosis and treatment. To do so, we intend to develop a device which will perform contactless vital sign monitoring and speech communication.


Thermal energy batteries to warm the winter with the sun of the summer

ESAPAD (External Stimuli-Activated PCMs Autonomous Discovery) is a multinational project promoting a more sustainable future. Coordinated by the Venture Studio, ESAPAD seeks to carry out an autonomous experiment to produce externally stimulated material which could store energy for up to 2 months with sunlight and waste industrial heat as triggers for phase change. This project has the potential to allow flexibility when using and transporting stored energy over long distances and time periods.


A 3D virtual playground for the training and testing of robots

ROBOTRUST is a project built to ensure the safety and competence of robots in interacting with humans and the environment before they are actually deployed into the real world. We intend to design an ultra-realistic simulated virtual 3D environment that provides a playground for artificial agents to emulate robots and humans for the training and testing of AI control systems designed to interact with humans.

We walk hand in hand with companies through t heir entire journey, ultimately guiding them in the direction of successful commercialisation of their products and business growth.

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