Venture studio

The Venture Studio designs, funds and launches innovative companies through the timely transformation of high-potential concepts into profitable ventures. We nurture companies throughout their entire journey, from inception to seed and early funding rounds, ultimately guiding them in the direction of the successful commercialisation of their products and business growth.


Pioneering technologies to crush evolutionary constraints


We identify high potential technologies and market needs from afar, generating innovative ventures, and guiding them through their growth process and success



We lay the foundation for brand new companies by investing in R&D for cutting-edge technologies, blueprinting the business models, hand-selecting CEOs, CTOs, CFOs and the rest of the expert team, and incorporating the appropriate SPVs.


With our extensive intragroup expertise in major EU/US public funds and trusted relationships with established VCs and Business Angels, we connect our businesses to and secure them with a plethora of public and private funding opportunities, enabling them to carry out their R&D and scale up activities.


We take care of critical business functions (HR, Admin, Legal, IT, Marketing Communication) by drawing on our versatile administrative framework and partnership network so companies can focus on project advancement and commercialising their technologies sooner.