Alessandro Rufo

I’ve always been a dreamer. I’ve always enjoyed turning the world on its axle to look at it from different perspectives. I like to define myself a serial entrepreneur, passionate about business and visionary innovations. My engineering studies and job experiences are what has prevented me from becoming a pure philosopher.


After my Master Degree in Automation and Control Engineering, I started working on the development of innovative military applications for NATO. Projects like that of sophisticated helicopter pilot helmets augmented with an head-up display that advises you when a foe missile is about to hit your aircraft.  Dealing with Top Secret documentation was cool, but I never liked being restricted to see just a tiny part of the whole. So I converted to power-grid civil applications and technologies like Energy Management Systems, Substations Automation, and Smart Grids. The pace of innovation in that field was too slow for my taste. For this reason, I felt much better once I started working in an Industrial Research Laboratory helping top-notch startups launch innovative products on the market. For more than 15 years, I participated in the development of a broad spectrum of projects and applications such as sport and medical devices, eco-sustainable material processing and production, industrial packaging, unmanned vehicles, high-efficiency engines, farm automation, aquaculture, wearable sensors.


In 2013, after a long and illuminating journey, coast to coast in the USA from Boston to Los Angeles with my business partner Fabio, it was clear that I was born to be an entrepreneur. In October 2013 our “alien adventure” started. Just a few months later in London, Alien Technology Transfer Ltd, was signing its first client. Since then, our company has had the fortune to advise hundreds of stunning startups from all over the world in generating innovative ideas. In the blink of an eye, our team grew at an unpredictable rate, and in less than four years Alien became an international Group of Companies spread all over Europe and beyond. In Alien we are visionaries, we don’t like living in the comfort zone, but rather we love to explore new business opportunities with passion and purpose. Our multicultural team absorbs the influences of many countries and transforms them into vital assets making us citizens of the world.


There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. In any case, we will face our challenges with courage, endurance, and humility. We know that being ready, flexible and dynamic is the only way to survive uncertainty and reach goals that at first seemed impossible.

Fabio Manzi

From very early in my life, I realised that, no matter how accurate your methods of analysis are, you cannot fully understand the surrounding reality just with a meticulous investigation of the natural phenomena.


Perception, the way we acquire and interpret information, alters everything. This is why I studied Cognitive Sciences, rather than Physics. Through my brief research experience in Neuroeconomics, I was fascinated by how the human brain perceives fairness in economic exchanges and how this influences our financial decision-making.


Intrigued as I was, I couldn’t help but be seduced by the prospect of testing these findings myself, through actual practice. Hence began my time in Sales. The products I sold or the deals I negotiated were irrelevant to me – the focus was never the what but the how. I loved it. And it worked!


Still, I wanted more. I began to feel that pull back to the vast horizons of science and innovation. I knew that they held the boundless opportunity which inspired my next thrilling adventure; running a business in Technology Transfer.


I could directly experience that not even research is immune from the rules of economics. In fact, the most successful scientific results are driven by market needs, which, in turn, lead to further investments and the involvement of higher level stakeholders, thus sparking the beginnings of a virtuous cycle.


This idea was already crystal when I first met my business partner, Alessandro, with whom I started to apply these findings on an international scale, combining the knowledge I had previously acquired through my Masters in Research Commercialisation and experience from a career in funding innovation in an Industrial Research Lab.


The Alien was born and every single day since, I have loved every minute of the journey; the challenges, the sleepless nights, even more so than the personal achievements and incredible outcome.

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