The Keywords Selection in the EIC Accelerator Evaluation: The Free Guide

The identification of the right keywords plays a significant role in the evaluation of your EIC Accelerator application. Keywords are used to allocate your proposal to evaluators with expertise in the field of your innovation.

From the submission of the short application to the interview with the Jury members, the selection of the right keywords remains your best tool to have your project read and evaluated by experts exactly in your field.

The new AI platform implemented by the EIC provides you with suggestions regarding relevant keywords. However, it is your responsibility to study the list of keywords available and pick those that best describe your technology and targeted market.

Our free guide

Alien Innovation Consulting EIC Accelerator experts have compiled a comprehensive presentation of the EIC Accelerator keywords. The guide is intended to provide you with a complete understanding of:

  • Importance and role of the keywords under the EIC Accelerator
  • Mechanism used by the EIC to match proposals with subject-matter experts
  • Complete list of keywords for the EIC Accelerator.

Download for free the Alien Technology Transfer's Guide to the EIC Accelerator Keywords.

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Published Date:05/07/2021