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Our Company
Alien Technology Transfer is an international company with presence in US, Europe and India. We are an independent innovation management advisory specialized in public project financing, project management and accounting in the field of high-tech products and services. We are a comprehensive team of PhDs, business analysts and grant reviewers, dedicated to supporting you through every step of the SBIR journey and helping your project obtain the grant.
Free Consultancy and Funding Opportunity Assessment
Funding Opportunity Assessment (FOA), provided by Alien Technology Transfer on the fit and potential towards public funding.

It is important to understand whether you are actually eligible and whether your current stage of development allows you to shape R&D objectives that are a good fit for SBIR and only for promising SBIR application, we will suggest you to invest resources and follow up the process together with us. Therefore explicit feedback is provided by Senior Project Financing Consultant completely for free.
The SBIR Program
The US Federal Government is offering US-based Small Businesses an average overall grant of $1.25 million for NSF and almost $2 million for NIH applicants as seed capital for early stage R&D activities. It does it through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, a dedicated grant scheme which aims at financing R&D of cutting-edge technologies to develop commercially viable innovations. SBIR funds will help you bring your experimental proof of concept to full commercialization at the global scale.
Selected Federal Agencies
Among the different several governmental agencies participating to the SBIR Federal Program, we specialize in



due to their higher prestige and brand awareness, higher budget available and flexibility of the application type.
Next Steps
Collect and send us the necessary information on the project(s) we agreed upon.

You should send us a business plan or an equivalent document that covers the following topics:
  • description of the innovation; benchmark with competitors and state-of-the art solutions; list of patents owned by the company and status (i.e. pending/granted);
  • the current stage of development of your innovation and a breakdown of the project activities and the estimated funding needed; partners needed to perform the project objectives;
  • description of the envisaged business model;
  • funding raised so far (private investment and grants) and/or if you are already generating revenues;
  • overview of the company, a description of the team, CVs of key team members, a potential Principal Investigator (that should be an employee of the company for 51% of the time in case of award), and the company’s shareholding structure;
  • list of any projects already funded by US governmental programs.

Other optional documents:
  • pitch deck;
  • scientific papers written by the team;
  • previous project proposals and summary statements.