Alien Technology Transfer is an international company with presence in US, Europe and India. We are an independent innovation management advisory specialized in public project financing, project management and accounting in the field of high-tech products and services. We are a comprehensive team of PhDs, business analysts and grant reviewers, dedicated to supporting you through every step of the SBIR journey and helping your project obtain the grant.


The US Federal Government offers US-based Small Businesses an average overall grant of $1.25 million for NSF and almost $2 million for NIH applicants as seed capital for early stage R&D activities. It does it through the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program, a dedicated grant scheme which aims at financing R&D of cutting-edge technologies to develop commercially viable innovations. SBIR funds will help you bring your experimental proof of concept to full commercialization at the global scale.


Among the different several governmental agencies participating to the SBIR Federal Program, we specialize in
We work with these agencies due to their higher budget, flexibility of the application type, higher prestige and brand awareness. 


A hand-held pre-consulting service that is performed by expert consultants of the SBIR grant scheme, wherein we assess the technology and the application, and help them get grant application ready. The 7 sub-services we perform as part of the pre-consulting are:
  • Analysis of  the applicability of the proposed technology in terms of innovation level and analysis of  the stage of development of the tech against the different use cases to identify top 2-3 applications for the SBIR Grant;
  • Preparing the grant roadmap for the identified applications, both from the perspective of the federal agency we identify as most suitable and also the SBIR;
  • Identifying the most challenging project activities for the selected Ph1 We will identify the most challenging project activities for the selected Phase 1 proposal;
  • Guidance on drafting the approach to conduct the research and achieve the set objectives from the perspective of the SBIR evaluation;
  • Identifying and profiling the right team members to complete the SBIR grant;
  • Identifying necessary profiles needed to accomplish the project objectives, including missing team members and subcontractors (could be laboratories, FDA regulators, software developers, hardware developers, CROs, manufacturers etc.)
  • Deliver the final Funding Opportunity Assessment which mirrors the SBIR evaluation and would assess the fundability of the project under the SBIR.
We perform this service for a one-time upfront payment of $3000.


Please send us any of the following documents for us to review and pre-screen and give you preliminary feedback by one of our Senior Funding Consultants. This is necessary to understand how much documentation is in place and what is required, to get grant application ready. It would also help us start understanding your technology and what could be the potential applications for the technology. 
  • Pitch Deck
  • White Paper
  • Technical schematic drawing
  • Any material that describes your technology and stage of development