Our Company
Alien Technology Transfer is an international company with presence in Europe, USA and India. We are an independent innovation management advisory specialized in public project financing, project management and accounting in the field of high-tech products and services. We are a comprehensive team of experts dedicated to support you through EIC Accelerator funding.
Free Consultancy and Funding Opportunity Assessment
Funding Opportunity Assessment (FOA), provided by Alien Technology Transfer on the fit and potential towards public funding.

It is important to understand whether you are actually eligible and whether your current stage of development allows you to shape your project objectives that are a good fit for EIC Accelerator and only for promising EIC Accelerator applications, we will suggest you to invest resources and follow up the process together with us.

Explicit feedback provided by Senior Project Financing Consultant completely for free.
EIC Accelerator Program
The EIC Accelerator is a dedicated program that provides funding for engineering and scaling up high-risk innovations.

The European Commission (EC) is offering a grant from € 0.5 up to € 2.5 million for Small and Medium Enterprises that are developing an innovative product or service. The grant will bring your prototype (Technology Readiness Level 6) to full commercialization (Technology Readiness Level 9) at the global scale.

In addition to the grant component, EIC Accelerator offers blended finance in the form of an optional investment. The maximum of investment in the form of equity is € 15 million, and it will finance activities from TRL 8 and above.