Download the how-to guide for the perfect EIC Accelerator video pitch

The launch of the new EIC Accelerator has been officially announced, with the first deadline set for June 9, 2021. The new scheme, the flagship funding programme under the EIC umbrella, supports deep tech companies (principally start-ups and SMEs) to scale up high impact innovations. The EIC Accelerator provides a unique combination of funding from 0.5 to 17.5 million Euros and Business Acceleration Services.

How to apply

The application process is structured in three steps designed to provide quick results and bring forwards only the most promising projects:
  • Short application. A five-page proposal accompanied by a 3-minute video pitch and a slide deck, to be submitted at any time and evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Full application. If the short application is successful, companies will be invited to submit the full application. The full proposal will be evaluated by remote expert evaluators after specific deadlines. The cut-off dates for 2021 are June 9, and October 6. The dates of the 2022 calls will be disclosed later this year.
  • Interview. If the full application passes the remote expert evaluators’ assessment, companies will be invited to pitch their project in front of the EIC jury. This is the final step of the evaluation process. Applicants that succeed at the interview will negotiate the initial contract for the grant component and start the due diligence for the equity investment.

The EIC Accelerator 3-minute video pitch

In the present work-from-home era, entrepreneurs got accustomed to pitching their companies over video. After all, videos have taken over the internet for their ability to convey information much faster and concisely than any other form of media can. It’s a really powerful tool and many companies raising funds include a video pitch in their investor package. Even if tailored to the specific scopes of the European project, the EIC Accelerator video is an investor pitch in all effects. Over just three minutes, companies are requested to motivate their application and to show how and why the EIC Accelerator investment will make a difference for their organisation. The video will be shared with the European Commission's evaluators and a convincing performance of the team might play a significant role in the successful outcome of the short application.

Download the perfect EIC video pitch guide for free

Alien Technology Transfer European funding experts have prepared a thorough how-to guide for the perfect EIC Accelerator 3-minute video pitch. The guide will help you deliver an impactful presentation of your company and project, understand what the evaluators are looking for and avoid mistakes. The guide covers all the aspects to be considered when preparing the video, including:
  • Scope of the EIC Accelerator video pitch
  • Tips before filming
  • Topics to be addressed 
  • Video editing recommendations
  • Key takeaways
The resource is free and available for download here: Alien Technology Transfer EIC Accelerator Video Pitch Guide

Published Date:03/11/2021