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We previously published Alien Technology Transfer’s innovation funding experts guidelines for excellent grant writing. So you already know how important outstanding grant writing is to the success of your application. From your writing depends how evaluators learn what your innovation and project are all about.  But what if the information you convey is too complex and wordy? Or too plain and simplistic? Even if your application is masterfully crafted, it won’t be effective if it doesn’t read how it should be. This short guide will help you understand what readability is, what tools and metrics can help you improve the readability of your proposal, and how to make an impact meeting the average readability level of your audience. It contains useful information on:
  • Why readability is important What is a readability score How to check your readability score How to benchmark your readability against relevant publications How to improve the readability of your proposal
Download for free the Alien Technoloy Transfer tips and guidelines for excellent readability

Published Date:04/08/2021