About This Project

Xepholution is a cutting edge technology based on Artificial General Intelligence. Contrary to the so called ‘narrow’ Artificial Intelligence (or ‘weak AI), Xephor’s technology is able to develop creativity and perform intellectual tasks typical to humans. This advanced technology is the first one worldwide which is able to program itself in C++ and learn tasks from experience autonomously.

The Cloud software observes and learns from a human working on the computer in which a user account is logged in, learns what they are doing, and analyses how to react appropriately. The learning process takes place in five stages: a) observation b) confirmation c) simulation d) cooperation e) autonomy. The process takes approximately 4 to 6 months for the system to be ready to take over the tasks completely and progress to creating new solutions and producing new ideas.

The founding of Xephor was to directly propagate the cutting-edge AI technology of Xepholution. Xepholution’s creation was highly steeped in scientific and mathematical research, as well as market research indicating the gap with today’s solutions in addressing intelligent usage of software from an artificial source. Xephor have brought to fore a technology finally able to address the effectiveness concerns surrounding current AI being able fill the shoes of an employee; specifically when using specialty software.







Xephor Solutions GmbH



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