About This Project

In today’s business environment communication is essential and a large amount of meetings, interviews, conferences and seminars are regularly being conducted. In this professional scenario, deaf and hard of hearing people often are at a disadvantage. Companies often struggle to provide reasonable accommodation for them, thus they are at an increased risk of becoming and remaining unemployed, drifting into long-term unemployment. Moreover, the majority (56%) of deaf or hard of hearing employees have experienced discrimination during their career, leading to one out of four deaf people leaving a job because of a difficult work environment.


A solution to this problem is transcribing all oral communication so it becomes rapidly available to those employees with a hearing disadvantage and include them in the work dialogue. However, this is usually a costly and time consuming process which stops many companies from using it.


Verbatizer makes transcription services easier and less costly to companies. With an overall accuracy of 95%, it is the most accurate technology in the transcription industry. Verbatizer guarantees the fastest turnaround time at any volume and a highly experienced team of transcribers, which allows for the most competitive price per value in transcription market.


The breakthrough behind Verbatizer are its processing modules, able to discriminate between different languages and speakers, improve recognition sensitivity regardless of the environmental noise and recognise the topic of the audio for improved accuracy.

PHC-12 - Clinical research for the validation of biomarkers and/or diagnostic medical devices






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