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Customers using traditional horizontal axis wind turbines face several problems, such as noise, unaesthetic appearance, and accusations of fauna disruption, meaning they need to be installed in remote locations. As a result, power is generated very far from where it is consumed, resulting in a 20% energy loss during transfer. They also need strong wind to function and are expensive to install and maintain.


Newenergy21 has designed and developed UrbaVento, an innovative vertical axis wind turbine for decentralized energy production, for both off-grid and smart grid applications, which features carbon-fibre “wings”, and smart control and fault diagnostic software that simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting and tracks performance and savings.


The UrbaVento is a big leap forward compared to current wind turbines due to a number of unique advantages: silent energy production at low wind speeds, starting from less than 3m/s, makes it compatible with the urban environment, while it can produce up to 10 MWh of electricity per year when operating between 7 and 10m/s. Due to its compact size and attractive appearance it can be installed anywhere, making it suitable for distributed power production. Thanks to its low number of moving parts, the absence of a gearbox and the location of all serviceable components are at ground level, it is cheaper to install, operate and maintain and enables the turbine to seamlessly reach its envisaged life-cycle. And its wings can be used as a reflective screen, making it an attractive medium for advertising.


By overcoming barriers that have stopped high-scale adoption of previous micro-wind turbines, UrbaVento aims to increase the number of small scale energy producers using micro-wind turbines across the European Union, making them as viable a solution as solar and photovoltaic panels. UrbaVento will contribute to the implementation of smart grids along with making a significant contribution to lowering dependency on traditional means of energy generation and subsequent emissions.







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