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A typical long haul truck operating full-time drives, on average, 24,000 non-revenue earning kilometres per year. This results in major inefficiencies in the freight transport industry. Fuel is the second largest expense for trucking companies. Vehicles that are not fully loaded lead to inefficient fuel consumption and increased vehicle use shortens engine life and adversely affects driver health and well-being through elevated noise levels and harmful emissions.


Businesses are required to devote time and resources to locate a carrier willing to deliver inventory from the starting point to the destination, negotiate a deal, and manage the process, as well as facing issues such as fluctuating costs and poor logistical insight. Shipping expenses can vary sporadically from 5% to 20%, and 44% of customers identify high shipping and handling costs as the reason for abandoning an online purchase.


Traansmission have developed an online logistics management tool for effectively matching businesses needing to ship inventory with freight carriers, providing complete logistical insight and smarter inventory transport. Shippers can implement better cost controls by setting the shipping price for their goods which carriers can decline or accept. Shippers can track freight movement end-to-end and the predictive component will indicate truck arrival.


For carriers, Traansmission makes more efficient use of their time and fuel consumption by allowing them to identify customers, transport more freight per journey, reduce the time spent covering, tracking and delivering freight, and spend less time driving with unused space, meaning freight movement will become a less polluting industry.


By connecting carriers with more shippers and eliminating “empty kilometres” carriers can increase annual revenue per truck by up to €30,000 and reduce total fuel expenditure by 25%. Shippers can save up to €120 per transaction and an estimated three hours per day tracking and updating the movement of goods.







Traansmission Ltd


United Kingdom

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