About This Project

Current in-car controls have many individual components and parts included, making them very costly to assemble. If even one of the parts fails the controls won’t work and car models could be recalled by the factory to fix the issue. The assembled components are difficult to take apart and need to go through a time-consuming and costly process to be recycled and not be turned into e-waste. Another problem for in-car controls from a usability perspective is that they cause significant distractions to drivers which has been found the cause of 80% of road traffic accidents. The problem is only becoming worse with infotainment displays embedded with multiple lights and sensors and controls being inputted through a large touch-screen device.


Tangi0 have developed a new method for operating controls in the cockpit of cars through an intuitive, tactile material with distinctive shapes that allow drivers to operate it eye-free. This reduces the safety hazards of driving distractions. Using a touch-sensitive, conductive material also means that there is a huge reduction in electronic components needed in the product making it much cheaper and environmentally friendly.

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United Kingdom