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Skin is the largest organ in the human body, forming a protective physical barrier against the outside world. Damages to skin due to physical, chemical and biological factors lead to wounds.

While minor wounds heal on their own, chronic wounds (wounds that do not heal within 8 weeks), such as diabetic foot ulcers, subject the patient to significant discomfort and distress while draining the medical system of an enormous amount of resources.

Wound healing is a complex, highly regulated process, and complications affect the quality of life of >4 million a year in EU (more than cancer & diabetes) that struggle to live with hard-to-heal injuries, as it can lead to infection, tissue and bone necrosis, pain and in some severe cases even amputation.

Stratpharma has developed a range of primary dressings formulated as a silicone-based gel, which can be used on any wounded, damaged, compromised or diseased skin surface.

This proprietary film-forming gel is also shown to be an excellent drug delivery system, using which active compounds can be delivered to the wound, thereby enhancing clinical outcomes. Using this property, Stratpharma aims to develop a breakthrough formulation, containing gel and bioglass technology, for improved chronic wound healing.

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