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Quicker surgery, reduced risks and faster healing has seen Laparoscopy – operations using a thin, lighted tube inserted through an incision in the abdomen – hailed as the ‘future of surgery’. Smaller incisions lower the risk of infection and post-surgery complications, as well as healing faster, requiring less time in hospital. Internal organs are handled less, allowing faster recuperation. Less bleeding lowers the need for blood transfusion. Patient pain levels are reduced, requiring less painkillers, and the procedure results in smaller, less visible scars. Performed correctly, its benefits in post-operational outcomes are significantly advanced compared with traditional surgery, especially on the less-resilient aged body.


Laparoscopy however, has not yet reached the standard required to make it the surgical method of choice. There are usability issues, high risks and unnecessary costs associated with the equipment and practices involved with the safe and efficient closure of organs and tissues. Current gold-standard 12mm trocar ports used in laparoscopic tissue closure increases risk of post-surgery hernia by up to 22%, as well as increasing the possibility of postoperative bleeding, stale line leaks, abscesses, postoperative pain, tissue trauma, and recurring bouts of stricture and gastroesophageal reflux disease. The costs associated with current staplers amounts to €1500 per patient per procedure.


The Stepwise Stapler is a laparoscopic device using patented technology for vastly superior tissue closure at the end of surgical procedures. It can perform all thick tissue procedures involving the stomach, lungs, and large intestines which together account for the fastest growing procedures in Europe. Superior engineering allows access to tight spots within the human body, and the ability to utilise existing smaller-sized trocars means much less fall-out risk. Surgeons are given exceptionally improved usability and manoeuvrability, providing increased patient health outcomes; the financial burden for patients, medical insurers, and the state is reduced.






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