About This Project

Lower limb amputations are the consequence of trauma, cancer, congenital or diabetes complications, and vascular diseases. Because of aging populations and the direct correlation between age and the onset of such diseases, the number of amputees worldwide is expected to double by 2050.


Although currently available prostheses are becoming increasingly sophisticated, these solutions still lack of sensory feedback and therefore prevent correct generation of postural reflexes at the spinal level of the amputee. Amputees, not having sensory feedback from their prosthesis, do not feel obstacles, slopes or holes, leaving them at a continuous risk of falling. They also report phantom pain from the missing extremity and do not feel the prosthesis as part of their body. All these factors cause abandonment of the prosthesis or reduced engagement in daily activities.


SENSY is a unique product which allows amputees to feel their missing limbs by restoring  motor-sensor abilities that enables natural walking and standing. The device is composed of implantable transversal multi- and intrafascicular neural electrodes, an implantable neurostimulator, an external controller and a sensorized artificial skin sole adaptable to prostheses currently available on the market.


The neurostimulator is implanted in the limb and wired to intraneural electrodes that are inserted transversally into the peripheral leg nerves. Stimulation of sensory nerves is driven wirelessly by an external controller, which transforms the readout of the sensors embedded in the sole into stimulation parameters.


SENSY is the only neuro-prosthetic device that restores amputee’s sensory feedback from their missing limb and meets all major needs associated with the use of existing artificial legs: regaining natural walking, avoiding falls, perceiving the prosthesis as part of the body, and treating phantom limb pain. Ultimately, SENSY enables amputees to live a normal, active, satisfying life.










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