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The ongoing global trend of miniaturization is driven by the demand for a huge range of high-end devices such as smartphones, automotive connectivity and IoT/AI applications. This is highly dependent on the fabrication of embedded Integrated Circuits on semiconductor wafers & the advanced semiconductor packaging processes that protect ICs while providing connectivity to printed circuit boards & adjacent ICs. The fabrication of redistribution layers (RDL), is particularly challenging and expensive, representing a major challenge in the industry. Current RDL microfabrication technology constitutes multi-process chain (19 steps) and is incredibly capital intensive. Existing technology impacts the environment through vast consumption of energy and water. It provides limited flexibility at the wafer-level, restricting the use of optimised materials to microfabricate and limiting manufacturers ability to produce different packaging designs between production cycle, incurring high-fixed costs or expensive downtimes.


NanoDrip is the first printing technology which is applicable to advanced packaging, providing ultra-high-resolution microfabrication suitable for industrial manufacturing in merely 2 step-process. It enables digitality, the capability to produced different designs between production cycles with unprecedented flexibility. It introduces a disruptive paradigm shift in the fabrication of advanced electronics at a crucial time for the European industry, allowing European SMEs & large semiconductor manufacturers to gain competitive advantage as demand grows for next-generation of devices.









microfabrication, miniaturization, semiconductor

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