SafeMobile (HOOPS)

About This Project

The use of social networking websites is continually increasing. Since 2016, approximately 80% of online adults use Facebook and this figure is closer to 90% for younger users. This trend crosses all social media platforms. As a result of this, cyberbullying is a growing global phenomenon affecting millions of young people around the world. According to recent surveys, 70% of young people are victims of cyberbullying and 20% of young people are experiencing extreme cyberbullying on a daily basis. This new societal challenge of cyberbullying is of great concern as its growth is directly related to a rise in youth self-harm, suicides and suicide attempts. Currently there is no single solution that addresses cyberbullying as a social phenomenon.


SafeMobile is a solution that monitors such attacks. It respects the privacy of children while also dramatically improving the success rate of identifying attack patterns. Our platform identifies an attack in real-time and records detailed information related to it. Parents receive specific event alerts through our mobile application, but are not exposed to the child’s social activities, messages or friends, thus respecting the child’s privacy. While existing solutions are expensive, SafeMobile is initially free and then has a modest annual subscription fee.







R.I.T - Rappaport Information Technologies LTD (SafeMobile)



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