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65.3 million people were displaced by conflict and persecution in 2015, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees; the International Displacement Monitoring Centre estimates that a further 19.3 million were displaced by disasters. This represents a staggering number of people forced out of their homes by war, persecution, and natural catastrophes. These refugees live in camps that are often short on lighting, and where routine violence targets these vulnerable populations. In total, around 20 to 24% of the world’s population currently lives without access to electricity. This is not just a technology issue; it is a human rights problem and a stumbling block for the elimination of poverty, and large populations living without the protection of the rule of law.


Transient power generation in remote locations is currently dominated by the diesel generator, which is cost-intensive, subject to fuel shortages, limited in terms of speed of deployment, and the entire supply chain is a source of pollution.


The Renovagen ISOGen RollArray is a rollable thin-film solar array using cutting-edge photovoltaic (PV) technology to pack 150kWp (Kilowattpeak) of solar generation into a 20-foot container (TEU). Each rolling solar array integrates battery banks to provide continuous energy outside of solar peak times, and motorised re-spooling to allow rapid redeployment. RollArray systems offer superior low-light performance compared to contemporary mobile PV solutions, making them perfectly suited to exploratory and disaster situations where consistency and stability of power supply are paramount. RollArray eliminates the fuel costs and environmental concerns of diesel generator use, does not require a solar engineer for set-up, deploys in minutes, and provides up to 10 times the generating capacity of other mobile PV solutions.







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