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Cell culturing allows scientists to grow cells, under controlled conditions, outside their natural environments. Each cell type requires a medium in which it can grow that is able to supply cells the nutrients needed for subsistence. Historically, cell biology has always worked on nucleic acid and proteins, leaving lipids behind. As lipids have received little consideration from academia and biotechnology companies, culture media manufacturers consider lipid intake and composition quality unimportant, justifying their use of low-cost, low-quality molecules.


Cell culture media and supplements from existing catalogues are formulated for general applications and are unsuitable for specific demands. Due to the expense and short shelf-life of high quality lipids such as polyunsaturated and trans fatty acids, available lipid supplements utilise low quality, inexpensive molecules, inhibiting their beneficial impact. The most common cell culture supplement, Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS), is derived through a method deemed unethical by animal welfare advocates.


Remembrane have proven the importance of lipids in membrane composition and have developed a sophisticated process for customising lipid supplements able to recreate a membrane environment similar to the one that cells have in-vivo. Refeed is the only product on the market addressing the full internal and external cell membrane, its content, properties, and functions.


Compared with standard procedures, the use of Refeed resulted in increases of 50% for immunosuppression and cryopreservation survival, 84% for cell transfection rates, 430% for virus and viral vector production and 700% for cell growth rate. The lipid supplements are tailored to specific cell type and protocol, and are able to enhance the quality and reliability of in-vitro experimental models.







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