About This Project

Malaria continues to drain the finances and resources of European countries, and everyone else involved, when trying to contain its negative effects. Most pressing of all are the millions of innocents lives lost to the disease, with numbers continuing to climb every minute. The Rapid Assessment Malaria (RAM) serves to be the first malaria screening tool that is able to quantify even the slightest presence of malaria parasites in an individual’s blood cells, regardless of symptoms, all within the space of 60 seconds. The device exceeds all competitor offerings on the 6 key metrics defined by the World Health Organization as being pivotal to being a malaria detecting tool with the top of the list being sensitivity to density of infection.

The objective is to optimize the beta prototype in its magnetic and lighting technical functionalities, in order to obtain the most accurate number of malaria parasites when assessing blood cells.

This will be achieved through continual engineering of current electronics, in conjunction with third-party optical experts to fine-tune the current prototype in order to be conclusively showcased in clinical trials. Progress with the WHO and major private entities such as Bosch healthcare have already been established, ensuring a ready-made sales channel upon European commercialization. The proposed work in Phase 1 of the SME instrument fits into the overall plan to reach market by contributing the financial resources needed to plan a fast sound wider deployment of the RAM solution and its market uptake, specifically in its current dealings with large healthcare organisations as both distributors and end-users of the product.







Disease Diagnostic Group


United Kingdom

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