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One of the most important components of potable water treatment (PWT) facilities is the aeration system. It mixes oxygen from the air with the raw water, oxidizing, and boosting the growth of micro-organisms which absorb, process and deactivate dissolved chemicals and foreign matter. Water oxidation also allows to separate iron, metals and other particles from the water.


The current air injection technologies used in PWT plants to oxygenate water incur high energy costs, due to the use of air pumping equipment using about 50% of the total electricity consumed by the entire PWT facilities. Current technologies still struggle to produce the constant oxidation levels necessary to keep a high aeration efficiency. Therefore, to keep water quality within the required limits, operators overuse oxygen and chemicals. Moreover, process interruptions due to the maintenance of the aeration reservoirs add operational costs and unavoidable water breaks for cities.


To reach required efficiency, large and therefore expensive infrastructure is required. An average PWT facility for 200,000 people requires a surface of 1,000 m2.


OxTube is the first PWT solution without requiring air to be actively pumped, achieving great aeration efficiency by using the turbulent properties of water by means of a specially designed tube in which air penetrates and mixes effortlessly with the flowing water. Thereby it offers a significant reduction of electricity costs, space, equipment cost, chemicals used compared to traditional aeration infrastructures.







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