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Anticancer therapies, often based on highly toxic drugs, have poor survival rates (only 26% 5-year survival case of leukaemia), while molecular and genetic profiling are ineffective in 90% of patients. New, highly toxic drugs (e.g. chemotherapies), are expensive, produce heavy side-effects and require additional hospitalization. In-vitro drug testing, typically provided as a service outside of the hospital, is not scalable or cost-effective (up to €8000/test). The predictive power of a Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) is poor as cell behaviour starts changing a few hours after sampling and a 2-week turnaround time is an unacceptable delay for urgent cases. Manual tissue processing and sample preparation introduces human errors, and lack of repeatability of different analyses makes it difficult to compare results from different labs. LDTs also have limitations as they feature regulatory risks and cannot scale up rapidly, while fast commercialization is needed once the drug is approved.


CellPly has developed ONCOSMART, a precision medical device for identification of “the right drug for the right patient”. ONCOSMART is a novel in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) that analyses patient samples when exposed to different anticancer drugs to produce information that guides and supports practitioners in clinical decision-making. The Oncosmart platform includes a smart consumable integrating hybrid polymer/flexible-PCB micro-technology, an analytical instrument and diagnostic software. After tissue sampling, an automated process carries out sample preparation, precise drug delivery and monitoring of cell response through time-lapse imaging.


Personalized cancer care requires distributed diagnostic solutions to support clinical decisions and selection of the best therapeutic regimen. ONCOSMART defines patient response to anticancer drugs in 24-48 hours, meaning patients will benefit from more personalized cancer therapies while allowing better allocation of resources dedicated to cancer therapies by public health systems.








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