About This Project

There is no doubt that LED technology is the future of lighting offering extreme flexibility and energy efficiency. Since its inception, LEDs are driven by a constant voltage or direct current with some compensation for temperature fluctuations. As the power grid works on alternating current, a rectifier circuit is required, in virtually all cases combined with a DC convertor. This type of circuitry requires an inductor or capacitor both of which have downsides regarding their production and cost. Thus, current LED lamps contain complex constructed technologies, which limits lifetime, reduces design versatility and increases costs.


NRGDriver is built by discrete components and semiconductors. The size of the solution does not grow with increasing power requirements and is comprised of roughly 10 components: decreased complexity which directly translates into lower cost, less failures and lower energy consumption. Current drivers are considered to be the Achilles’ heel for LED lighting, the concept of NRGDriver offers a breakthrough in LED driver technologies, making possible the same revolution in size, function and cost as happened to mobiles phones – but now in 1 jump.







NRGLed Holding


The Netherlands

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