About This Project

Recent European Union directives have been aimed at drastically reducing animal testing. Animal tests are currently the best method available to evaluate the response of a complex organism to exogenous substances, but beside the ethical issues involved, these tests under-represent the human environment and are very expensive in terms of both experimental costs and times. More than $500 million, and an average of 7 years, are spent testing molecules, drugs or biomaterials during the so called preclinical phase in order to select new compounds and ensure their safety before human studies. But if these tests are not predictive enough of the human response, companies will lose money and time.


Biomarkers in discovery are valuable tools to understand the pathobiology of a disease and the pharmacology of a target under investigation. Information provided by properly selected biomarkers can greatly influence a go/no go decision. The challenge is to identify relevant biomarkers early enough to implement them for such critical decisions. More reliable biomarker screening protocols based on allometric scaling laws are needed to be implemented in order to gain results more respondent to human physiology.


Multidyn is a patented advanced low-cost cell culture system made up of a 24-chamber plate, organized into a multiwell standard system, that can be efficiently composed in different static and dynamic configurations to help a sound implementation of in-vitro, physiologically relevant, complex cellular systems. Multidyn offers a wide number of different bioreactor chamber configurations to enable the implementation of cell experiments under various conditions, reducing the number of operations needed to achieve the desired results and saving time and money: approximately 30% of the costs of the pre-clinical phase and 1-2 weeks experimental time versus months of traditional testing methods.














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