About This Project

Despite being popular adornments in art and architecture, mosaics are expensive, time consuming and difficult to manufacture, especially those designed for large areas and spaces.

Europe is recognized worldwide for innovative designs and concepts but high manufacturing costs have depleted the design and art industry. The quality of mosaics has diminished immensely as jobs have been outsourced to India and China. The manufacture and installation process is time consuming, inefficient and expensive. As a result, custom mosaics are almost always aimed at the luxury market.

Artaic is rejuvenating an age-old art form through advanced robotics. Enabling production of custom mosaics, from photographs and drawings, more efficiently, effectively and at a lower cost without compromising quality and aesthetics makes them accessible to a wider client segment.

Mosart’s state of the art robotic technology and CAD customization software automates production and assembly of large scale, high volume, affordable custom-made mosaics with unparalleled speed, efficiency, flexibility, and cost savings. Customers can upload and create their own unique and personal mosaic designs without having to resort to catalogues or pre-made and manufactured designs.

NMP-Accelerating the uptake of nanotechnologies, advanced materials or advanced manufacturing and processing technologies by SMEs






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