Mimica Touch

About This Project

Current printed expiry dates on food products are inaccurate and conservative estimates, which can’t predict the condition the food is exposed to. This results in 33% of all food being wasted (1.2 billion tons). Of this food 60% is still edible and was disposed of prematurely. Food waste also causes 1.6 billion tons of greenhouse gases, wastage of 40-50% of drinking water and many retailers and consumers to spend excess money on wasted food.


Mimica Touch is a tactile freshness indicator and food expiry label that uses a specifically designed gelatine to accurately mimic the decay rate of food. The gel is exposed to both the same conditions as the food and the off-gases emitted from expiring food, thus giving a real-time indication of the product’s freshness. The gelatine is specifically calibrated to experience and mimic each food product’s decay. Mimica Touch offers many benefits being a low-cost, and very accurate solution. It effectively combats food waste and improves food safety. It is the only tactile food expiration indicator that is biologically active, resulting in unrivalled precision.

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Mimica Lab Ltd


United Kingdom



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