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There are now over 1.2 billion cars on the road contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the impact of climate change. Given their zero emission levels of CO2, NOx and particulates, questions arise as to why there has not been a greater uptake of electric vehicles.


Negative connotations regarding efficiency, driving range, and environmental impact have an effect. Electric motors only work at peak efficiency when operating within a narrow rpm range. Conventional regenerative braking systems cannot exploit the low voltage currents generated during low-speed braking to recharge the battery. Electric vehicles also face scepticism regarding travelling distances and accessibility to charging stations.


And while electric motors have been used for more than a century, there has been little improvement in their mechanical construction, modularity and functionality. Many electric drive applications need costly mechanical gears. Traditional mechanical gearboxes for EV use are vulnerable to damage due to high torque levels. Mechanical gearboxes are also expensive and complex to build, need periodic maintenance and lubrication and are difficult to repair. All these factors affect energy consumption, driving efficiency, battery life, reliability and price, while their complexity makes it difficult to extract raw materials (iron, copper, aluminium) for recycling


Quantum Electric have developed a new electromagnetic power system, called E-Gear, a totally new way of constructing electromagnetic power units. This solution utilises basic electromagnetic building blocks, easily assembled in a quick modular way and driven by a fully electric gearbox with no moving parts. This novel electric gearbox technology enables very high peak power and high efficiency over significantly wider electric power range than existing motors. A QE-Drive integrated electric vehicle benefits from 30% reduction in energy consumption in variable driving conditions leading to up to 50% extended driving range.







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