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Globally, more than 18 million people are diagnosed with cancer each year and this number is set to exceed 22 million by 2030. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 50% of cancer deaths could be avoided by enabling early cancer detection. Unfortunately, the market is still lacking a general test, suitable for the whole population, for detecting any type of cancer before the presentation of symptoms. Current gold standard procedures are highly invasive and risky, specific for one cancer type, and highly expensive. These factors limit their adoption to suspected cancer cases – i.e., after the presentation of symptoms, delaying cancer diagnosis and contributing to the huge economic burden on healthcare systems. 


To overcome this problem, MDB DIAGNOSIS GROUP LTD (‘MDBD’) has developed Cancersensing, a revolutionary accurate and rapid screening platform for early diagnosis of multiple cancers from a single urine sample. The platform includes a highly specific and sensitive test that measures cancer-related biomarkers present in the urine, and a diagnostic software suite powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms and reference databases. Cancersensing makes cancer detection in its early stage available to all, maximizing survival rates and quality of life for patients, and reducing treatment costs and the cancer-related economic and societal burden.






United Kingdom

early stage cancer detection, machine learning, Screening platform, urine biomarker diagnostics

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