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The European Environment Agency estimates that road transport contributes 21% of the EU’s total CO₂ emissions. Increasing prices for fossil fuels and concerns about carbon emissions and climate change are bringing new legislation to reduce CO2 emissions.


The efficiency of internal combustion engines is currently around 30% for petrol and 40% for diesel engines. Even modern designs, such as the Wankel engine, suffer from inefficiency in combustion, emissions, sealing issues, thermal distortion, and bearing wear. More efficient Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) suffer from space and weight limitation due to the need to fit hybrid components, larger batteries and additional electronic components, as well as emission and other criteria that are often hard to meet. Electric Vehicles (EV) suffer from barriers such as high purchase cost, limited range and recharging infrastructure, and reduced performance.


The Libralato engine is the world’s first “one stroke” rotary Atkinson cycle engine, completing all engine phases in parallel in each rotation. It has a completely new thermodynamic cycle which is predicted to achieve around 40% efficiency using petrol. This is achieved through asymmetrical expansion and compression volumes and because it does not need to convert the reciprocating motion of pistons into the rotational motion of the output shaft. The Libralato engine has only four principal moving parts: two rotors fixed by their own bearing, connected by a sliding vane and a rotating exhaust. It has no need for conventional cylinders, pistons, con-rods, crankshafts, valve trains and cam shafts. The engine is tuned for lean burn combustion, with high and constant levels of torque, and very low vibration, exhaust temperature and noise, reducing fuel consumption by two thirds and CO2 emissions by 50%.









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