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Every year 360,000 people die worldwide as a result of drowning, making it the third leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide, accounting for 7% of all injury-related deaths.  Immersion in cold water is the second most common cause of accidental death in many countries, present in 98% drowning incidents globally and causing over 3,000 of the immersion-related deaths. People working offshore are daily facing the risks of getting in contact with cold water, as they have to fly on helicopters to reach their workplace. Transportation is reported to be the leading cause of fatalities and accidents, with drowning being the primary cause of death. When flying offshore, it is mandatory to wear a safety garment. This garment should allow buoyancy in water and protect from fire. Nevertheless, it currently has very little or no thermal property. For workers in cold waters, the law requires to wear 3 layers of clothing beneath the suit during winter and 2 layers during summer. Such under-suit clothing is inadequate for safety in case of contact with water (e.g. flight crash or simply a fall in the water).


Iron Ocean proposes Centurion 3, the next-generation 3-layer upper body garment with integrated self-heating thermal gel system, specifically engineered to protect the upper body from cold shock. It can be comfortably worn under a safety suit to guarantee comfort and thermal protection in case of extreme environmental conditions. The clothing thermal properties are given by Iron Ocean’s engineered thermochemical gel which actively produces heat upon contact with water.






United Kingdom

cold protection, cold shock, offshore, offshore wind power, oil & gas, renewable energy, safety, thermal garment, thermal protection, thermochemical gel

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