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All paediatric associations worldwide recommend breast feeding as the Gold Standard for the first month of life. If, for any reason, this is not possible, the next best choice is Infant Formula (IF) based on cow’s milk. Some infants however are not fed with IFs due to allergies, certain metabolic disorders, or parental decision to follow a vegan diet. For these infants, the choice is soy-based IF. Other consumer products, such as “soy milk”, “almond milk”, are not suitable for feeding infants, and are not considered a substitute for breast milk or IF. These foods can severely affect the growth and development, and may lead to serious conditions of malnutrition.


Approximately 2.5% of all the children are allergic to cow’s milk. Allergy to cow’s milk is indeed the most common food allergy in infants and young children. 65% or more of the total human population are lactose intolerant (main carbohydrate in milk). Plus, as many as 10-35% of babies with cow’s milk allergy are also allergic to soy.


INDI is the world’s first patented 100% vegan dairy- and soy-free infant, toddlers and children formula that provides a complete source of nutrition. It meets the Gold Standard of breast milk composition and performance compliance of baby’s formula without any of the harmful effects, plus the ability of being scalable, available and affordable. As a breast milk nutritional equivalent, it can be used as the single food source of an infant. It is composed from 2 plants which makes it 100% vegan and contains the full amino and fatty acid profiles, required for proper nutrition and body function.







Golden Heart f.m.c.g. Ltd.



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