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Private individuals and SMEs are creating greater amounts of data than ever before, but over 50% of digital content users admit they do not have a real solution to their storage and backup needs. Data loss is also on the rise: in 2012 external data loss rose 40% from the previous year, affecting 160 million people. Companies and individuals wish to protect their content without adding any constraints to their current data usage but current solution can’t fully meet consumer expectations for the price the consumer is willing to pay. The cloud is not a viable solution for terabytes of data at home or the office due to data centre costs and slow internet connection speeds. There are also growing concerns regarding data privacy and becoming a hostage of the cloud provider.


HyCloud presents a disruptive hybrid cloud hub solution for safer, faster and cheaper storage, access and backup of digital content. Varaani is the first storage solution that combines the perks of a local device with the added protection of off-premise backup should the device fail, get stolen, or damaged. HyCloud integrates local backup, online backup and content services with a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device leaving users’ files super safe, always accessible from any device, and all in one place. The Varaani Cloud Hub is based on the patented proprietary Storage Grid technology: by only storing parity data Varaani are able to back up data at least 10 times more efficiently and therefore economically than conventional solutions. This highly efficient and reliable technology for data reconstruction allows a breakthrough in the cloud storage market by reducing the price by 10x. The solution is designed for private households and SMEs, who due to the high price of current data storage solutions are unable to backup all they need, causing risk of unrecoverable data loss.











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