HSBF Protein and Oils for Fishfeed

About This Project

Aquacultures rely on a large amount of processed food stock called fishfeed to run their activities. Most of it comes from unsustainable wild or high-value sources and its production involves chemical compounds which can persist along the food chain and in the environment.


Hexafly’s innovative solution provides the proteins and oils needed for nutritious feed profiles through the bio-conversion of agricultural waste with little or no nutritional value into a viable feedstock through the breeding of Black Soldier Fly larvae. These are then processed into a protein meal rich in amino acids, and a nutritious oil loaded with omega 3, 6 and 9. Within the very same process, the shells of the insects are separated from the insect proteins in order to increase their digestibility, which is then converted into the valuable chitin commodity.


Hexafly’s insect-based oils and protein provide a much more ecologically friendly feed source than fishmeal or soymeal, providing more nutritional value, and without requiring the use of any arable land. This contributes to the green circular economy by reducing reliance on wild fish stocks, while promoting the sustainable growth of existing aquaculture to meet growing human consumption demands. In addition, its adoption will reduce reliance on soy which takes up excessive amounts of arable land, of which may be channeled instead to alternative crops or directed for human consumption.

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