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A diagnosis of brain cancer is, essentially, a death sentence. Glioblastoma (GBM) is the most common, aggressive and deadliest type of glioma. Based on the incidence rate, it is estimated that 23,700 people will develop GBM in Europe in 2017. Without therapy, the median survival for GBM patients was 6.1 months; and with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy this only increases to 14.6 months. The 2-year survival rate is currently only 26.5%.


Conventional GBM therapies target only tumour bulk and have a limited effect on the cancer stem cells themselves. This results in high recurrence of tumours and causes greater suffering for the patients.


Cancer costs the world €852 billion every year. Alongside drugs, that includes the costs of diagnosis, radiotherapy, imaging, pathology, surgery, and end-of-life care. Health systems must also consider the costs related to the treatment or mitigation of side effects as a result of currently available oncology drugs. Newly approved cancer drugs cost on average €100,000 per patient for a course of treatment.


CT-179 is a small molecule therapeutic in development by Curtana Pharma, Ltd. CT-179 will be used as an adjuvant to standard of care therapy in the treatment of GBM and other brain cancers. Curtana’s drug candidate targets the cancer stem cells (CSCs) that are responsible for tumorigenesis and tumour recurrence by directly reducing the resistance to chemo- and radiation therapy. In animal models, CT-179 has demonstrated significant improvement of survival duration and increased efficacy in combination with the current standard of care – surgery, temozolomide and radiation therapy.







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