About This Project

The European Social and Web-based Games industry is flagging in the face of venture capital-backed opposition from China and the USA. These competitors are expected to dominate 50% of the market by 2020, leaving the underfunded, under-performing European industry to retreat into niches within this market.


Gamebooster is an HTML5 game platform which dynamically optimises game mechanics, without gathering and selling user data, allowing customers to escape unethical revenue generation models while protecting the privacy and safety of end users. Optimisation improves the product for customers and the gaming experience for end users.


Most social and web-based games generate revenue through data harvesting and sale, and serving ads indiscriminately. Gamebooster aims to break game developers away from these dangerous revenue generators. Harvesting poses numerous threats to user privacy and indiscriminate ad serving exposes users to the risk of malware infection. Gamebooster’s platform, and by extension their developers, are independent from these problematic revenue models, reducing risk to users and allowing more ethical revenue generation for developers.


The Gameboost system deploys machine learning algorithms to dynamically improve the user experience through enhanced gameplay and aesthetics, and optimises searching and recommendations on the platform. Currently no platform actively optimises social games, causing low engagement, low user retention, and consequent low revenue.










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