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Patients unable to swallow for long times due to severe pathologies are fed by gastrostomy tubes that deliver nutrition and medications directly into the stomach. GFeed provides a discrete solution for initial placement, replacement, and complete removal of feeding devices that overcome most of the shortcomings of currently used tubes. The semi-rigid internal bumper prevents accidental dislodgement and it is safer for the stoma opening. A disposable insert placed inside the feeding port delivers the nutrition into the stomach. This is replaced every 1-2 weeks, avoiding clogging and making the tube cleaner and more hygienic. The internal bumper is conceived to dismantle in small parts that are naturally expelled from the body for trauma free-removal. G-Feed complies with EU future challenge to face impairments due to ageing population and to reduce the length of hospital stay, that is driving the demand of enteral feeding devices in alternate care and home care settings. The global market of PEG tubes, replacement tubes, and other gastrostomy tubes is valued $510 million in 2015 and growing at a CAGR of 5.5%. Over 17 million PEG tube procedures are expected in Europe and US by 2020.

The initial placement kit is addressed to gastroenterology departments in hospitals and clinics, while the disposable insert is distributed to pharmacies and sold directly to the end-users, namely the enteral fed patients. GFeed adoption by gastroenterologists and their patients will enhance patient comfort and improve the delivery of nutrition by avoiding tube clogging, and will decrease healthcare cost by reducing the need for emergency intervention for displacement and/or complication.








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