About This Project

Low rates of pregnancy via IVF procedures is due to the difficulty involved with the identification of viable embryos for transfer. As a result, multiple embryo transfer (MET) is used to increase the chances of pregnancy. This is a costly procedure with riskier outcomes that, on average, only equate to a 1 in 4 rate of pregnancy success.


In order to minimise the costs and risks involved with MET, there has been an increase in the utilisation of single embryo transfer (SET). SET however, requires more efficient embryo selection tools than current legacy morphology methods provide. There is a huge need, both clinical and economical, for novel biomarkers that will help physicians with effective embryo selection.


With the goal of identifying embryos with high implantation probability, Carmel’s non-invasive Fertissimo solution will meet this need by providing a quantitative assessment of an embryo’s reproductive potential based on the oxidative profile of its incubated culture media.

This will allow the practitioner to select viable embryos in a rapid, non-invasive, and accurate manner, thus improving pregnancy rates while reducing the incidence of multiple births.


Fertissimo will increase IVF pregnancy outcomes by an unprecedented 25% and beyond and set the gold standard for IVF procedure in all relevant IVF facilities, located in hospitals, medical centres, and clinics.







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