About This Project

Renewable energy sources like solar photovoltaic (PV) and wind power systems are becoming increasingly popular, but represent a challenge as energy grids move from a concentrated model to a distributed model.

Solar PV and wind power systems can behave in an unpredictable manner, causing grid instability, creating the need for decentralised energy storage. And the increasing popularity of electric vehicles and transportation calls for safe and quick vehicle charging, but existing residential electrical installations cannot support the electrical currents needed.

While new and more efficient energy structures, like Smart Grids, Micro Grids and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), are emerging, inverters on the market are not suitable since they lack features such as integrated storage capabilities and bidirectional power flow. As PV and energy storage installations are defined at the time of purchase, subsequent expansion or modification is impossible. Inverters and storage systems are offered in fixed sizes (power/capacity ratings) and cannot be expanded after purchase.

The FerroHub is an innovative electronic hub leveraging several patents, which fully supports smart grids. The solution incorporates a PV inverter, energy storage and the necessary hardware and software to handle power flow to and from the network, as well as other innovative technologies that augment the stability of the power network and allow customers to gain control of their energy costs. Big loads – EV charging, for example – will no longer be a problem, as FerroHub can use the integrated storage to provide the excess power needed. And the FerroHub system architecture is totally scalable and flexible: with only three types of modules required for any installation, it can be used for a variety of applications, from 3kW domestic installations to large solar power plants.







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Nordic Solar



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