About This Project

Wind turbines have not experienced the same levels of adoption as solar panels for small scale energy production, as the industry faces a number of hurdles. Current solutions are very expensive for households, with high annual maintenance costs. They are also inefficient: it’s estimated that 60% of small wind turbines exploit only 20% of their working potential due to wind conditions that are below the cut-in speed for most turbines. In addition, conventional wind turbines need a considerable amount of space to capture large wind volumes, as well as to mitigate the effects of noise pollution.


The Evolution of Wind (EOW) range of turbines are the first of their kind: vertical dual-axis small wind turbines suitable for both rural and urban environments, including household use. Their small size, cost, and high energy output make them a viable and more sustainable alternative to conventional wind turbines already on the market.


The EOW systems are low-noise (<24 dBA) and stand between 1.8m and 3m tall. Low kick-in speeds means they can operate in even the slightest winds: as little as 1 metre/second, a wind speed that is found across all of the UK, and most geographical regions worldwide. They are relatively light-weight (maximum 260 kilograms for the largest model), easily installed, and unobtrusive. And the devices are customisable to the customer’s energy needs, to allow for the most efficient use of land space and power output.


EOW turbines will help to create a more sustainable society, protect our future, promote the widespread uptake of a more efficient renewable energy source among both large firms and individual consumers and contribute to the reduction in fossil fuel use from industrial and household activity in Europe.







EOW2-Wind UK Ltd


United Kingdom

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