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The household sector accounts for 29% of the overall electricity consumption in EU and up to 39% globally (about 8.000 TWh ). At EU28 level about 505 TWh of electricity are wasted every year because of the low efficiency of standard appliances, equivalent to the yearly electricity consumption of a country like France.


Poor energy consumption practices can increase household electricity consumption by up to 15%. For example, excessive use of air conditioning instead of natural, healthy ventilation; frequent and unnecessary use of washing machines and/or dishwashers; excessive use of electronic devices, often left on, in stand-by, or charging all day can waste a considerable amount of electricity.


Currently standalone global Home Energy Management Systems are not very effective, enabling about 5% savings. In addition, these systems can be very costly (several hundreds of euros), difficult to install and without a tangible return on investment.


EcoFeel is a smart energy advisor taking advantage of power and spectrum analysis in order not only to detect connected appliances through variations in current and voltage but also recognising their noise in the electrical network. This results in a deep monitoring of household’s electricity consumption making people more aware of their environmental impact. The Ecoisme system consists of a single sensor and a mobile app. The sensor is easily installed in the main fuse box of the household. By connecting EcoFeel to Wi-Fi, it is possible to start analysing real time consumption data through the EcoFeel app.

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