About This Project

Current method for visualising clothes in online stores are highly ineffective, only allowing customers the possibility of viewing clothes via 2D picture or on a mannequin. This uncertainty results in extra costs due to returns of poor fitting purchases: more than 40% of items bought online are returned, and 20% of those returns are due to poor fit. 80% of customers will not buy clothing online again. The process of returning unwanted items is extremely wasteful in terms of paper and plastic packaging materials as well as the increased energy consumption and CO2 emissions of extra shipping.

Dressformer’s technology increases profitability by addressing fitting and appeal simultaneously, and reducing returns. Patented, innovative technology automatically generates a 3D model of a garment from just two photographs. Once a retailer has uploaded their catalogues using Dressformer, customers can easily try on clothing and shoes in the virtual fitting room. Customers can input their hip, waist and chest measurements, creating a realistic 3D virtual avatar that assumes the natural shape and curves of their body.

When shopping, Dressformer generates simulations of clothing on the customer’s avatar, including imperfections and a heat map noting where different sizes will fit tightly. This will allow online retail consumers to try on various garments and give them the ability to clearly and accurately distinguish between materials, textures, shapes, folds and embellishments. Customers are able to create an entire outfit by dressing their avatar with several articles of clothing, save and share the resulting images with their friends via Facebook and VKontakte, and buy the whole outfit with one click. It is a great marketing tool for fashion brands and retailers looking to increase sales and reduce returns.







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