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In an ever globalised world, where the digital economy is growing at seven times the rate of the rest of the economy, IT infrastructures are among the so-called “critical infrastructures”. Computing and networking are now utilities in the same way as electricity and water supplies. Therefore, the security of IT infrastructures, and their availability, is of increasing concern to society. In particular, systems’ complexity, accidents, mistakes and attacks on the physical infrastructures represent today key threats.


In data centres, IT infrastructure incidents are severe risks of big damage for the business. IT data loss can be irreparable, as well as extremely expensive. Disrupting even one single element of the IT balance triggers the risk of affecting other systems, causing irreparable damage to company’s operations.


With the ever-growing complexity of IT infrastructure, most organizations rely on a multi-vendor IT. This wide range of service suppliers prevents organizations to see the big picture and measurably monitor and manage the complete IT infrastructure.


To prevent IT outages, many organizations need to periodically re-assess their IT infrastructure, analysing resources, performances and availability. To do that, organizations hire expensive consultants who use data gathered from their own client’s portfolio. Therefore, the amount and quality of the assistance offered is limited.


CorreAssess™ is a patented, cloud-based system that allows CIOs (Chief Information Officers) and IT Managers to face everyday problems by efficiently managing the entire IT infrastructure of the company through accurate detailed analytics and insights on a daily basis. The system analyses the use of every single item in the IT Infrastructure, identifying and quantifying the value of the operating risks, proactively providing counteractions and improvement tips. It is transparent in costs and efficient in performance, becoming like a watch dog that makes sure that all risks are predicted in advance. This helps data centres preventing risks of IT failure, improving business continuity and reducing infrastructure investment costs.







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