About This Project

Academic records are one notable exception in the digital revolution that has seen everything from banking to travel move to internet-based delivery.


The generation, issue and exchange of paper-based academic records by education providers is a slow and costly process; paper documents are one of the highest items of back office expenditure for academic departments. They are also insecure: forgery of academic credentials has increased by 48% since 2010, and with the increased international mobility of students, there is a need for accessible and secure access and distribution of verified academic credentials.


Digitary CORE is an innovative web-service that allows education providers to securely issue, store and verify academic credentials online without the hassle associated with producing and managing original paper documents.


Institutions achieve the greatest efficiencies under a student self service consumer model, and Digitary CORE is the only solution that offers such a model. Other solutions do not offer a long-term document repository for students to access and share their documents online in a secure manner, or efficient multiple third party system integration to enable the global coverage of the service.


Digitary CORE removes the need for employers, recruiters and admission offices to obtain consent forms or perform verification enquiries. Verified records are sent directly to them by students and graduates with their full consent, and these can be verified in a single click with no sign-up required. This streamlined digital system removes geographical and operational barriers, reduces verification overheads and facilitates graduates’ mobility across national and international borders.


The Digitary CORE system enables higher education institutions to reduce administrative costs, protect academic brands, increase administrative efficiency, eliminate credential fraud and improve service levels for students and graduates.







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