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Intensive Care Units (ICUs) provide specialized care for critically ill patients while, paradoxically, representing a life-threatening environment: average ICU stays last less than one week, but 90% of ICU survivors show catastrophic, long-term consequences such as physical problems, cognitive impairment, and mental health issues. Dangerous complications are often addressed too late, leading to increased mortality risk, while environmental stressors, i.e. noise and light beyond comfortable levels, induce sleep deprivation and can lead to delirium, which worsens and/or induces more complications.


Clinical evidence shows that ICU-acquired co-morbidities should be addressed and prevented by a multidisciplinary team comprised of clinicians, families, nurses and therapists delivering seamless care from admission to discharge, and then at home.


This is the “continuum of care”: a simple and effective approach to reduce recovery times, but expensive and challenging to realise. Cognuse has developed ConCare, an IT platform to give clinical practice the tools to deliver an effective and scalable continuum of care.


The ConCare platform, deployed on a dedicated tablet for each ICU bed, follows the patient from ICU to home, enabling collaboration among everyone involved in care. Effective bedside guidelines and checklists are enabled for clinical and nursing staff to adhere to protocols and prevent errors and complications. Environmental monitoring alerts ICU management to unacceptable light and noise levels. Patients and their families can access ConCare directly in the ICU or from their own mobile devices on the ward and at home, meaning families are kept informed and involved in care, and patients are supported in their recovery.


ConCare is utilising the scalability of mobile devices to improve outcomes for all critically ill patients by enabling the continuum of care from ICU to home.







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