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Colon cancer is the third most common cancer worldwide and the second most common cancer in Europe. Anastomotic leakage (AL) is a life threatening complication, which can occur following colorectal surgery. In order to prevent AL, surgeons use a procedure called diverting stoma, which result in an ostomy bag for external bypass of waste. This leads to a low quality of life for patients, causing many clinical complications, including sepsis, parastomal hernia, ulcers, chronic depression and skin infections.

The use of diverting stoma results in staggering costs for the patient and healthcare system (€51,422 total cost per patient). This includes an extended length of hospital stay, the cost of outpatient stoma care (€5,800) and an additional surgical procedure to remove the stoma (€17,201).

Cologuard have developed a novel device, termed the CG-100, which acts as an internal bypass for waste, removing the need for an external stoma and ostomy bag. The CG-100 prevents leaks by providing 100% protection above and below the anastomosis site and also provides the ability to easily perform leak detection during the post-operative period.

The CG-100 has strong advantages over competing solutions with easy installation, strong aligned fixation, and simple recovery. Additionally, as the device is placed internally the patient will not suffer from waste leakage, skin irritations and other side effects. The CG-100 will cut the high costs associated with the use of a diverting stoma by more than half, thanks to a lower inpatient cost as well as zero costs for outpatient and removal take down procedures, due to the lack of additional surgical intervention following simple non-surgical removal of the device.







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