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Current commercial micro wind turbines, being unable to work at wind speeds less than 4 metres per second, operate on average only 20% of the time. This has given micro turbines a reputation as inefficient and undesirable, and current solutions are expensive: the average cost of a 1kW micro turbine is between €3000-€6000. Suppliers now rarely recommend micro turbines, as at around 10 years, the payback time is lengthy. Therefore, domestic wind power generation has not achieved the same adoption rate as solar panels.

Briareo is an innovative micro wind turbine offering users higher efficiency power generation with low speed winds, thereby increasing the penetration rate of renewable energy technology throughout the European Union and beyond.

The patented Briareo polymeric blade has been designed to operate in both lift and drag modes according to wind conditions. By applying high quality aerodynamic principles, Briareo has been designed to exploit low wind speeds. The Briareo micro-wind turbine is based on the “Ikea” concept: it can be purchased off the shelf, is easily self-assembled and can be installed without the need for certification. To be as unimposing as possible within urban environments the Briareo turbine is small (a maximum height of 1.5m), produces little noise and has been designed to have a low aesthetic impact.

Briareo allows customers to reduce their dependency on energy from the grid, reduce harmful emissions, and reduce the amount of household income spent on utilities.







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