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Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is a chronic condition affecting 1 billion people globally and causing more than 9 million deaths per year. Sudden variations in blood pressure (BP) are life-threatening and can cause cerebrovascular accidents and strokes. Numerous factors influence BP: smoking, stress, diet, alcohol, exercise, drug treatments, and diseases like diabetes. Accurate, continuous monitoring of BP in daily life is of paramount importance in people with hypertension. While market demand is huge, existing technology is not able to tackle the challenge of continuous, wearable blood pressure monitoring.

Current monitors have many drawbacks: they interfere with daily activities, often lack of reliability and standards, and only allow measurement of BP intermittently. BP24 is a wearable medical device for noninvasive, continuous and highly accurate BP monitoring, specifically targeting patients with hypertension and inpatients.
Vita Sentry’s proprietary core technology enables a unique approach that takes into account vascular tone to calculate BP, rather than simply estimating it from measuring blood flow.

BP24 data is automatically sent to physicians and can be visualized by patients via smartphone. If BP exceeds the physiological range while remaining inside a predefined safety range, patients can take action in accordance with their physician’s instructions (e.g. interrupt a dangerous activity or modify drug therapy). If BP reaches life-threatening conditions, physicians are automatically alerted to take action. In addition, BP history will be available for physicians to fine-tune patient drug therapy and for patients to become more aware of the effects their lifestyle and adherence to treatment have on their condition.







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