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Internationalised markets are facing increasing individualisation of customer needs, which makes handling product variety more difficult as products become more complex. Current manufacturing systems show levels of structural rigidity that makes coping with product model changes, product mix variation, and lot size reduction terribly cumbersome. High levels of investment are usually required to streamline the assembly system and production integrated software is often vague, doesn’t offer complex scenarios and results can vary considerably from real implementation.


The smart manufacturing market will reach a global value of €370 billion in the next 4 years. The automotive industry accounts for 34% of the global manufacturing market, generating more than 20% of its volume.


Arculus has developed a new ICT-integrated modular system applicable to all manufacturing industries to increase productivity of multi-variant production up to 50%. It consists of smart Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for material flow and proprietary control software to optimise workstation operations. Arculus’ solution enables the implementation of a higher number of variants within the serial production process, along with reduced production time and increased productivity. As first application, they intend to streamline the automotive production process and disrupt the 100-year-old assembly line principle invented by Henry Ford.


Arculus’ software provides a virtual real-time shadow of all elements in production, giving a clear view of how key performance indicators are affected. Arculus shows the positioning of all AGVs in real time, calculates optimum routes and manages both production and transport. In order to control the system a sequence optimization feature provides rapid answers to different scenarios, allowing operators to react quickly to fast-changing conditions.







Arculus GmbH



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